Let Me Mix Your Tracks

The art of mixing really is the art of balancing.


Mixing is a skill that requires practice and experience, but mostly having a vision as well. A mix should convey a mood that matches the music and lyrics.

To learn the skill and vision of mixing I had to go through the process of making many mistakes and continually study audio engineering as well. 

There are many factors that can make or break a mix. These can range from level control, to frequency imbalances, audio editing and even simply leaving things out. Most importantly, getting too much caught up in the whole process of composing and recording music, can cause you  to lose perspective, so it's perhaps best to have your precious work mixed by someone with fresh ears and a fresh approach.

My mixing approach:

As someone who grew up listening to high quality music from the 70's and 80's, my ears are highly sensitive to mixes that cause so called "hearing fatigue". Do you know that feeling, when you are listening to a piece of music and you are constantly bombarded with sound? There are no changes in volume, everything is equally loud. This tradition of mixing has become the norm and stems from external forces that try to push commercial success. However, we are now starting to realise that the summit of this over-exaggerated processing of sound has been reached. 

I have always been a strong advocate of transparant sounding mixes, with lots of dynamic range and a well balanced frequency spectrum. Every element of a mix should have its own space, instead of each element competing with one another. The latter is exactly what causes hearing fatigue.

Imagine that all the sounds you hear around you are equally loud. Traffic noise, a person talking to you, the buzzing of an aircon, an airplane flying passed, rustling of tree leaves, each sound enters the ear at the same volume. It would be hard to distinguish sounds, right? So why do we treat music the same way? 


Check out my mixes on Soundcloud. You will notice that things are not loud to begin with and that everything in the mix can be heard without sounds coming in and out of the mix, which is usually caused by heavy compression and sidechaining. You will discover that you are able to focus on each element of the mix. Because the dynamic ranges of my mixes are still in tact, they will sound non-fatiguing, thus more pleasing to the ears.


If you are a fan of this type of mixing and you hate the thought of your mixes sounding squashed and hyped, then contact me and I will mix your tracks the way they should sound.