Here you will find stories of gear that I still own or have owned in the past. Stories that portrait their zeitgeist.

Why do companies create a certain device, or how do trends develop? Sometimes we see a second hand device in a shop or advertised on a site and we wonder what the big deal is. Why some devices are priced exorbitantly and others seem dirt cheap. Often we are stumped by designs and feature sets, but there is often a good reason.   


With a lot of information already out there, my blogs are not meant to reveal even more accurate details. I write these blogs on instruments both to provide an overview and to give an impression of how I have experienced the instruments during their years of fame. It’s merely my perspective, which is not the only perspective.


The purpose of my blogs is to give the readers an insight into the zeitgeist that the instrument in question came from. I was fortunate enough to have experienced the revolution of synthesizers during the late 70’s early 80’s and therefor would like to share those experiences. It’s also my intention to clarify the reasons to why these instruments are still valid today and why I think their popularity is ever growing. I like to remind others of the fact that these instruments were the first of their kind and have set the bar really high. The benchmarks that these instruments set are still unparallelled, hence why these instruments are still strongly sought after.

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The purpose of my blogs is to bring you back to the zeitgeist of the instrument in question and to put things into the era's perspective. I will cover features and other details about the instrument as well, but there is already a wealth of information out there that is more specific. Here you will get a more global picture of what the instrument meant back in the day and how valid it still is today. Enjoy the read. 

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Compact Disk

This is my story of the Compact Disk. It is not in any way the definitive story, as there is tons of information out there that will go into more detail.  This is just another angle and a fun way to get an idea of its zeitgeist.

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The 1980's were an extremely exciting time for a teenager like me, with a myriad of new technologies being released on a yearly basis.

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