Born and raised in the Dutch capitol of Amsterdam. As a teenager throughout the 80's I have experienced the revolution and evolution of music technology. Because of this, music technology has become part of my DNA. I love both the latest in technology and the technologies of yesteryears. I can marvel at both the features of the Fairlight CMI and Ableton Live with equal temperament. My passion for electronic music creation has no boundaries.


Drums & Synthesizers

I was 12-years old when I started playing drums. I had an equal amount of interest for synthesizers, as my dad was a professional keyboard player. He  took me to every music shop, clinic, workshop, product presentation and trade show in the country. Alongside synthesizers many other technologies emerged, like the Drummachine, Sequencer and Sampler. All these exciting new devices that hit the market merged into what then became known as the MIDI-Studio



I've been very fortunate and blessed to have experienced this evolutional/revolutionary era. Most of my knowledge skills go back to that time and are still very much applicable today, with hardware gaining more popularity. Besides being a MIDI and synth nerd, I am an Audio Engineer as well, having studied Audio Engineering and even worked for one of the leading Audio Engineering institutes. This is where I honed my teaching skills. 


Audio Engineering

Electronic Music Production is not just about creating beats and layering sounds, it's equally important to know how to treat audio as well. Signal Flow, Gain Staging, File Management, Dynamic Processing, Equalization, Stereo Imaging , these are all equally important in the overall production process. 


Where you want to be

It's my aim to share my passion, knowledge and experience with you. If you are like me, always in search of more creative ways to broaden your musical abilities, you have come to the right place, as I love sharing my passion and knowledge with others. Click here to find out more on how I will assist you in becoming a Powerhouse in music creation.

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