Melbourne needs more Ableton virtuosos

Melbourne's population is growing and so is the interest in Ableton Live.

Because of that there is a stronger desire for Ableton Live training as well.

I'll help you become an Ableton virtuoso.

The aim of becoming good at your craft is to get you where you want to be creatively.

You will fall in love with your own music and Ableton simply is the best tool to achieve that.


I have training experience and also hold a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.


How effective is personal training?

To begin with, all types of training methods are effective, as they all share the common purpose in providing people with a solid foundation to be creative in music making. There are plenty of training institutes in Melbourne that provide excellent training and I would encourage you to check them all out to get an idea of what's on offer. 

I have trained people at one of these Institutes both in group and in 1 on 1 type situations. It allowed me to get a good insight into the different learning methods. All teaching methods have their pros and cons. I will highlight the pros of personal training here for you.

Full focus & attention:

You will be guaranteed full attention on the things you want to learn, whether that's how to create beats, design your own sounds, jam with loops or arrange entire songs. If there are areas that you find a bit more challenging, personal training can address those straight away. 

Probably one of the most powerful aspects of personal training, is that only material that is relevant to you is covered. If you want to know how Sidechaining works, that's what will be focused on and if you feel you have received enough training on that particular technique, we can move on to the next topic. 


The beauty of private training is that you can start, stop and continue at your own convenience. I don't provide package deals that lock you in. You indicate when, where and how you want to be trained. 

Information overload

You know that feeling, where you attended an info night or a class and your senses are working overtime. We have all been there and even though this can also occur with private training, you will be much more in control of the amount of information you wish to receive. As you are the only person receiving the training, you are the one that can filter out unnecessary information, thus freeing your mind up for creative exploration.

Support material:

If you still feel a bit overwhelmed, I have created hundreds of original tutorials for every single area of Ableton-Live, but also for general EMP techniques, that you will receive after each lesson. Check out some of these tutorials to get a taste. i.e. if your training session covered the use of Audio Effects Racks, you will get all the supporting notes that relate to Audio Effects Racks, all written by myself and not copied from other sources..



How do I book a session?

Click the Contact  button and fill out the contact form.

Leave your name, email address and a message with any questions.

I will reply promptly, so we can embark on an amazing music creation journey.

Once you have decided to book your first training session, we  can discuss the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining you would like to learn more about, so I can prepare your session more effectively and efficiently.

My training approach is calm and thoughtful, with the learner experience in mind at all times.

My aim is for you to become proficient in your quest to produce amazing music and to enjoy every minute of it.